Rachel Roy Zip Off Jacket

Jacket $240 (on sale for $189) // Oxford $89 (on sale for $44) // Jeans $62 // Shoes $65 c/o

I'm here to show you one of the coolest things you can do with a jacket; unzip it and turn it into a blazer. I mean, how cool is that?! I was amazed when I found this jacket on sale. I love the cream color and wool texture (read: Olivia Pope) and knew it was a great new addition to my growing fall collection. The lapels of the jacket are also faux leather, which gives it an overall awesome vibe. I paired it with my new booties.Who knew I could pull of such hip shoes! I love the cutouts. They make it perfect for this awkward transition into cooler weather. I have yet to own grey shoes so I'm pretty pumped. But alas, it's late and the West Wing is calling my name so I must be off. Happy Tuesday!

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