Preppy Look for Fall

Cords (more color options here) // Bean boots // Watch // Ray-Bans // Jacket // Earrings

If you know me, you know that I love to layer. It brings the opportunity to create such fun and different outfits. I'm recreating a look from items that I already have in my closet which is making me itch for cooler weather. Note: I said cooler, not cold. I realize when you get really good staple pieces for your closet, they never go out of style. They just become updated with every new season (or in the case of my oxford, bean boots and barbour jacket, they classically stay the same forever).

I so wish I was able to take an outfit photo of this look but I would honesty look like an idiot for even trying. Anyone who is wearing fur vests and sweaters or even more than two layers are crazy right now.  It's still so warm! Just have to soak up what little warm weather we have left. We'll be wishing for it come winter!

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