Weekend Reading 9/27

Happy Weekend! Thought I would start a "Weekend Reading" series recapping every exciting week!

1. I really have a thing for plaid/tartan and I think it'll be a big hit this fall/winter. Therefore, I need these flats, right?

2. Rue La La came out with this great blog post about a guide for handbags. I thought it was really informative and a perfect history lesson on something we use everyday!

3. As we speak, I'm uploading a video of my apartment tour! (SOOOO late, I know but I wanted it to be perfect). So make sure you're following along on my YouTube channel. You never know when something might pop up :) 

4. Speaking of videoing, I also just shot my apartment as well (the picture above is a sneak peek). I was thinking a double post of video and pictures would be fun! While shooting the apartment, we also had some time for a couple head shots of yours truly. I added the photo here if you want to see how it came out. I thought it was a perfect way to show my love of baseball and fashion. 

5. Thanks for everyone's advice on this post! I ended up getting the LL Bean fisherman sweater and I LOVE it. Did I mention that it came so quickly?! You can see a real life shot of it here. 

6. I would love to be more open with you all about blogging. How I make commission, how I balance a full time job and this blog, what it's really like to be a blogger… things along those lines. Would you be interesting in something like that? I really want to be transparent with you all. I don't ever want you to fell like I'm tricking you or abusing my power as a blogger. Leave any comments or questions below!

7. I'm loving Brooks Brothers new Red Fleece collection. I need to get my butt out of the apartment and over to their store so I can try some things on!

8. I'm starting to clean out my closet to make room for the bulky winter clothes. Be sure to follow along on instagram @ ctbcloset to see if there is anything you want. (It's empty now but won't be by the end of the weekend!)

9. As some of you may know (or might not-- that's okay too) Derek Jeter is retiring. Working in baseball, that's been all we've been thinking about this season. Being a lover of great advertising and a baseball fan, I wanted to share these three clips with you. All focus around his retirement, all are great in their own way. Watch (try not to cry) and enjoy!

(my favorite-- do you know he helped direct this?) Derek Jeter Made in New York

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