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Oxford $89 (on sale for $64!) // Jeans $79 // Shoes $159 // Belt $48 // Buckle $28 // Sunglasses $200 // Earrings $28 (on sale for $20!) // Lipgloss $32 // Watch c/o $229 (15% off your purchase with "coveringbases" at checkout!)

Andrew has his ups and downs when we shoot blog photos and this time I have to applaud his talent! These photos turned out better than I could have expected. I kind of felt like I was in a Ralph Lauren photo shoot. Maybe it was the rustic barn behind me or maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part. Either way, we had a lot of fun shooting this outfit.

My most-worn items in my closet are my Ralph Lauren Oxfords. I have them in white, blue, yellow, purple stripe, pink stripe and blue stripe. Think I have enough? They just honestly go with everything. They're perfect for layering in the fall or wearing them rolled up and tied in the spring. I don't have too many chambray shirts and I think it's because of this oxford! It's just as perfect and does the same thing as chambray, but it's a little more laid back. I also *tried* to roll my sleeves like Jenna Lyons told me to, but I honestly think it's just for show. They kept coming undone so easily and there was no good place to roll them! Maybe I'm doing it wrong…

Anywayyyy, I'm also sporting my new jeggings. I was looking for a lighter wash of "jeans" (I say jeans that way because I don't actually like to wear jeans and I only really wear jeggings. If you haven't heard about jeggings, check out these or these -- you'll thank me later) and stumbled across these jeggings from Gap. UMMMM WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! I love them! 

pssst Ralph Lauren is 25% off and free shipping through October 2nd!


  1. Love the classic look -- and I'm with you, I wear my RL button downs to death! Was so great meeting you at the rstyle rooftop party. Hope to see you again soon, Krista!

    xxx Buggy


  2. I love this classic look! Gorgeous photos!

    The Style Storm

    <3, Christina

  3. Such a cute look! Gorgeous photos! :)


  4. I was totally gonna comment that you look like you are starring in an All American Ralph Lauren ad! These pictures came out perfectly and I actually like the way your rolled up sleeves looked. They may have slid down, but they look great and practice does make perfect!


  5. Love it, Krista! I think your sleeves look perfectly unperfect ;) And your loafers, ahhhh. The best!

    Pink Champagne Problems


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