Fisherman Sweater


Happy first official day of fall! With the colder weather rolling in, it's time to start stocking up on some key sweaters for fall. This year I'm on the hunt for the perfect fisherman sweater. And I think I've found one (maybe two..)! The above photo shows the one from Tuckernuck I'm lusting over. It's the perfect color and it looks so soft. I know it'll be perfect for layering in the winter too. Only daunting thing is the price point. It might be a little steep, but I still might just take the plunge.

I've also found this one from L.L Bean. I love L.L. Bean and am never disappointed by their products (like my bean boots). It's cheaper and I really love the authenticity of it knowing it's coming from them. This is why I need your help! Which one should I get?? Should I splurge or save? What do you like better?


  1. LL Bean, can't beat their 100% satisfaction guarantee rule!

  2. Ahhhh, love the fisherman sweater - I actually bought the J.Crew men's one! It's perfect.

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  3. LL Bean for sure! I actually prefer the pattern on their's to Tuckernuck's.

  4. Lovely :)


  5. LL Bean! Their customer service is amazing as well as the quality of their items!

  6. I like the LL Bean version better. The Tuckernuck option seems really bulky and not as flattering.


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