Summer Drinks with Swoozie's

Really excited to be pairing up with some of my favorite bloggers and Swoozie's to share our favorite summertime drinks. We've each picked out our favorite monogram tumblers from Swoozie's and have created something fun to share. Tis the season for fun alcoholic summer drinks, right? What better way to celebrate friends, warm weather and longer days than to remix an old favorite, the Mojito. 

When deciding on what fun drink to make, Andrew pops out of nowhere and tells me that he is a certified bartender. What?! Who knew! He's never actually worked as one, but when he was younger he thought it would be a good part-time gig in college. Random I know, but it helps with the story. So Miss Krista over here only really knows how to make a bourbon and coke (thank you Kentucky), a Bloody Mary and wine. Yes ... I know how to make myself a mean glass of wine. Un-cork and pour *ta-da*

So when coming up with a fun recipe, Andrew was a big help. He originally wanted to make regular Mojitos with mint from his parents' garden, but I wanted something more fun and summer-y (aka a little somethin' somethin' that would look colorful and pretty in photos). Little did I know: 1. how easy it was and 2. how yummy it would taste! We ended up choosing a berry mojito because the colors complimented my amazing glasses!

So today I will (with the help of Andrew) show you how to make, what we call, a Very Berry Mojito. Check it out:

Things you'll need:
- Club Soda
- Rum (I used Malibu)
- Knife & Muddler
- 1 Lime
- Mint Leaves
- A handful of berries or fruit
- Glasses (love mine from Swoozies)
- Ice

Step 1: Add 1/4 of a lime and crush it with the muddler

Step 2: Add 2-4 berries (or any other fruit you'd like) and also crush it up with the muddler

Step 3: Add mint leaves (you're also supposed to crush them, but for the sake of a pretty picture I let them be). Standing up leaves are also good!

Step 4: Add ice to the top of the glass then add your rum. Andrew told me to count to 3 which also equals about 1 fl. oz.

Step 5: Fill the rest with club soda.

(The secret step 6 is to add fun fruit on top to make it more decorated!)

Then of course mix the drink up and…

...take a staged photo with your boyfriend to celebrate a job well done!

Thanks to Caitlin who took these wonderful photos while sipping on the trial-run drink. Also thanks to Andrew for coming up with the mix, helping me make it and being an all-around good sport for this shoot. 

And of course, BIG thanks to Swoozie's for this post! I will be ordering the other set of Kate Spade glasses soon! Don't forget to follow Swoozies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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