One of the very special people I was able to spend the Derby with was my sister Kim, or as I call her, Dittie. Living in Atlanta, she wasn't as aware of what to wear to the race. With that came weeks of searching for a hat and about 100 text messages having me pick one out for her. I finally gave up at the end and told her to buy the one I liked in the very beginning, which she did, and I was just as relieved as she was. Sheesh.

But it all worked out. I thought she looked amazing (as always) and I wanted to share her look on the blog. She was a little camera shy when I was taking the pictures, but I think she did amazing for her first time. I know you're going to think we look nothing alike, and trust me, I get that all the time. We actually play a fun game with strangers when we're out of "Who's the Older Sister?" Most people, believe it or not, pick me. We think it's because I have brown hair and I dress so conservatively. But it's really because Dittie looks so amazing at any age. Without ruining the fun, there's a seven-year age gap between us. But we do look like sisters in some ways. If you give us the same color hair, and excuse me for breaking Dittie's nose, the similarity is there. It's all in the eyes. We still don't know how, but we were blessed with blue eyes. I say blessed because our entire family has brown eyes. Go figure. Anyway, I'm glad she was willing to be on the blog and I hope to have her around more (when I find time to see her in Atlanta).

 Love you, Dittie!
Dress: LOFT (similar) | Shoes: DSW | Hat: ebay | Purse: Tory Burch

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