ROAD TRIP: Kentucky Photo Recap

Road Trip:
A series of road or away games.

Happy Friday! Today wraps up my week of Derby and I hope you enjoyed it. I had a great time and I loved sharing the photos with all of you. Here are just some photos I took throughout the day that I wanted to share for all. I'm currently on my way to St. Louis to visit some friends, so be sure to follow along with my adventure on Instagram (@kristarobertso) or follow along with all my travels under the hashtag #CTBTravels (lame and so blogger of me I know, but I travel so much I don't see why I shouldn't!)
Kentucky Derby 2014
Kentucky Derby 2014

I was also able to meet up with Grace from A Southern Drawl, and her boyfriend Andrew (#theandrews). I love meeting bloggers in real life and I was so happy to meet Grace. We are weirdly (but awesomely-- is that a word?) the same. Even the boys and our relationships with them (aka the shit we put them through) were similar. We had a great time and it's awesome when you find someone you can be your weird (normal) self with. We talked like we had been friends for years and really held nothing back. I mean how could you when you're sipping on delicious bloody mary's? Even long after that brunch, Andrew and I were talking about how much we enjoyed Grace and Andrew. He even said that we were both very alike in the fact that we were extremely silly and had the "IDGAF" attitude. So there. Miss you Grace!

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