Happy Mother's Day! Hope you're spending the day with those you love and enjoying this wonderful weather. I wanted to talk today about ways you can simplify your life, because we all need that, right? They might be a little out of the ordinary, but I wanted to share you my little secrets!

1. Use dry shampoo at night.
I know that sounds a little weird, but when I know in advance I'm not going to wash my hair the next morning, I prepare my hair by putting in the dry shampoo at night.  After a good night's rest is when my hair is the oiliest. I used to just use a boatload of dry shampoo to cover it all in the morning, but I recently starting using some before bedtime. I put a little in my hair and not rub it all the way in (so it looks a little white still) and then by morning it's all soaked in and I'm ready to go! I've been around the block with dry shampoo -- I mean I've tried every drugstore brand. I've even spent some pretty serious $$ for some. After all my years of searching, I swear by this one.

2. Write your blog posts in the morning. 
(As I write this at 1am) I try to get in the habit of writing my posts out in the morning for the next day or even going so far as to writing them all for the week. This is easier said than done when you don't work a full-time job. So this is still TBD but it would be a lot simpler on my life if I didn't wait till last minute to write these things.

3. Always take the exit seat.
I travel a lot and I've found an exciting secret. When booking a trip, always buy your regular seat and DON'T pay extra for the exit rows. It's a scam! No one ever does and when it's time to check in, move your seat to the exit row (FO FREE). The seat of the color will be red so you may think you can't have it or have to pay extra, but this is not the case. They're yours for the taking AND you get Zone 1 access (not to mention all the leg room). Boom. You're welcome.

4. Reply to emails when you read them.
This is one thing that I've really gotten good at. I only check my emails when I'm able to respond (like in the cab or when I have downtime at work/home). I've realized that if I read an email and don't reply then, it take me much longer to get around to it. I just simply forget. Same with text messages.

5. Always call your Mom.
Sometimes with the craziness of the city and the real world, I can push back calling my parents. It just slips my mind or I can't find the time that day. The world can get to you sometimes, but you must always remember to talk to those you love. There is always time (for a 2-hour conversation) with your mom.

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