Oakland Athletics:
Also known as the A's, this Major League Team is based out of Oakland, California and is part of the American League West Division. They play at Oakland Coliseum and their team colors are hunter green, California gold, and white. The A's have won nine World Series championships -- third best all time behind the Yankees and Cardinals -- their last being in 1989.

Welcome to the second day of the "What to Wear to a Baseball Game" series! Today is all about the A's. Being from California, you think I'd have some loyalties here, but that isn't the case. The only real connection I have with the A's is that I've seen Moneyball about 30 times (great movie). Being on the other side of the bay in California, A's fans have their very own sense of style. I would compare it best to the hipsters in Brooklyn, but with CA style. They're cool and stylish, but with saying "I woke up like this" (sorry -- couldn't resist the Beyonce reference).

Going to their game I would (begrudgingly) wear yellow and green to rep the team colors to show my loyalties, because in California, that is just what you do. Green and yellow are two hard colors to put together and in my closet they just don't seem to go. It's also cold by the bay, so you have to layer. What better way to be a California hipster than to wear a jean jacket? I have to say I'm pretty impressed  with how well I put this outfit together using the team colors. So send me off to Oakland! 

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