We're in the 4th week of my no shopping for Lent (you can check out week one, two and three here). It's be really difficult these past few weeks. Since I'm doing it only to really challenge myself, I keep thinking I can just give it up. But I'm trying my hardest to see this through and really stick it out. I'm doing a good job and it would be silly to stop now. So here we go:

I'm really loving the double letter monogram necklace trend right now. I always wear my mini monogram with three initials, but I'm thinking it's time to change it up! What's also great about this necklace is how affordable it is! Under $40 is right up my alley! If I was shopping...

I've also fallen in love with this Danielle Nicole purse. I love how affordable it is while also having a similar style to the (overpriced) Celine bag. All of her purses are ah-mazing and I think I need to add some to my collection. 

Next is this White Ruche Dress. It's the epitome of the perfect summer dress. The flowy material and the layers would be perfect with a good blog summer wedge and some bright statement earrings.

And speaking of perfect summer dresses, add this yellow dress to the list! (It would be great with these turquoise earrings) The back of this dress is to die for and the color is one that I think will be big for this spring and summer. 

Saving the best for last!! Remember these Tory Burch heels?! Well here are some replicas (from a new favorite store of mine) that are EXACTLY like them! And of course they're only $65. PLUS everything is 25% off with the CODE: GET25. So happy shopping friends, buy something for me. I'll love you forever!


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