If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you know I've given up shopping for Lent. I did it last year and saved a ton of money while also challenging myself to give up something I really love, so I thought why not do it again. It's a hard world out there for a shopaholic giving up shopping, but I thought it would be made easier by these new Saturday posts! Starting today, I'm going to write a weekly 'I'm not shopping, but if I was I'd buy...' post. I think it would help me keep track of things as well as help you guys shop since I can't!

Drum roll please....

First was this Anthropologie Top. There's a store at the bottom of my building at work and of course I had to torture myself by walking around and 'just looking' at everything. The peplum on it is AMAZING and the print is to die for... I really hate that I stummbled upon this. Anyone want to get it for me as a 'congrats on not shopping' present at the end of Lent? Size small. Thank you!

Next is this Beaded Cami I was just looking around online when I was bored and found this. I have a soft spot for anything beaded...

I also was shopping around and found these amazing Metallic shorts and same print skirt (both on sale!) and couldn't help but swoon over the colors in this print.

I guess I have a thing for peplums right now because this Peplum Tank is the perfect top for summer. With some highwasited shorts or skirt? Yes please! I think the pale pink is what really gets me.

Also really crushing on these New Balance gingham sneakers. Totally wish I found these before I bought my other ones. Or maybe I just need two pairs? Who knows. Either way we all know anything with gingham usually ends up in my closet. 

A girl can never have enough rain and snow boots, right? These Tory Burch beauties are just what I need to help me get through this horrible winter we're having. Plus they're navy... can TB do anything wrong? (Answer: No.)

Lastly, we look to Kate Spade. My girl. I love your new collection.... especially this peplum (go figure) top. Anything with a structured peplum is worth every penny. I've also been drooling over this coat for quite some time now too. White size 6 please!

And that's that! What are you giving up for Lent??
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