Opposite field hit:
A hit to the "opposite" side of the field from the direction of a player's natural swing, i.e., a left-handed batter who hits to left field or a right-handed batter who hits to right field.

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I've stopped wearing makeup! I know I've never really worn a ton of makeup to begin with, but just recently I've just stopped wearing it all together. I'm always really inspired by people who are always all natural. I think it take a lot of courage, confidence and commitment to do that in today's world. Because I'll admit, wearing makeup a lot of the times makes you look better (if you know how to put it on properly). It helps accentuate your good features and cover up the bad ones. I'm a supporter of makeup and I've been wearing it for years. It kind of just hit me one day that I loved the way I looked when I woke up in the morning or when I took my makeup off at night. I also realized the only reason I wore makeup everyday is because I was used to looking that way-- and so were other people. So I decided to try going a week without makeup.

It's been a little over a week now and I'll have to admit it was a little hard for the first few days. For years I've always been accustomed to seeing myself with makeup on, so whenever I looked in the mirror or caught my reflection, I was taken back. I just had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't wearing makeup. I'll also admit during theses brief interactions with my reflection I became very critical. My under eyes are extremely dark, I had lots of pimples, no eyelashes, very small eyes and I was white as a ghost. It wasn't until later that night that I threw all those negatives away. I had dark-er under eyes because I wasn't concealing them with 'fair' cover up, same with my pimples. No one really has visible eyelashes without mascara and without mascara my eyes of course look smaller. And I was white as a ghost because it's the middle of winter. #DUH

We just get into our own heads sometimes. We think we need to look a certain way because that's just how society is. It's much worse with online media today, too. Anyways... It's been closer to two weeks (started this last Sunday) and I haven't worn makeup! Wait, jk jk. I wore mascara for three blog posts from my trip to Hilton Head (coming next week) because I wanted my eyes to stand out against my major sunburn. But that was for like 2 hours. So I really haven't worn makeup in close to two weeks and I love the way I look. 

I'm not saying I'll never go back to wearing makeup, but now it's just not a priority to do so. It saves me some extra time in the morning, I look the same all day long (nothing wears off) and my skin is clearer! So I hope you enjoy my first (kind of second) post without makeup.

I wore this look for a brunch with Tracy last Sunday. I have a itch for all things Barbour and I decided to double up on tartan with my favorite jacket by pairing it with my new vest. The bottom half of the outfit is always the same with the jeggins and my favorite boots... I swear I live in them

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tartan vest, barbour vest, barbour jacket

(note to self: time for a haircut)

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