Lent Saturday is here again! This is week two-- woo hoo? It's been really rough, let me tell you. But it's for a good reason. So without further adieu...

I have a major girl crush on theses blue Sole Society shoes. Like I want them... right now. SIZE 8 MY FRIENDS. I can give you my shipping address. Promise

Next up is this Pearl Necklace that I borrowed from Caitlin this weekend. I can't believe it's only $15!

I also wore this Elephant top
and loveeeed it. It's my first Elsa and I understand now why people are so obsessed with them. I received so many compliments too! Can't wait to wear it again-- soon (pics coming next week on the blog)

Another pearl little somethin somethin is this Pearl Clutch
I'm really starting to get into small clutches and I think this might need to be my first one. And it's on sale!

If you've ever read anything I've ever said, you know how obsessed I am with this J. Crew Skirt
the worst part about it is they keep coming out with more colors!! I will have the entire collection when I get my hands on the yellow! Give me give me!

The best news of the day is that two items I love have been restocked online!!
 My favorite Gap Stripe Dress and this Red Barbour Jacket

Happy Saturday! Andrew and I are off to Chicago!
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