Excuse me Swing:
When a batter inadvertently makes contact during a check swing.

This week is just full of Hilton Head outfits (we're almost done I promise)! The worst thing about New York is there isn't a Target nearby (eek, I know). Because of that, whenever I'm out of town I make sure to find one. You can't keep this girl away for long! When we went to the motherland, I found this fun check shirt that reminded me a lot of this J. Crew shirt (on sale btw) and had to try it on right away. I really fell in love with how it fit (I bought a medium) and the silk-like feeling. It'll be a lot of fun to pair with a bright necklace like the one I'm wearing (on sale!) It would normally pair it with some jeans but since the warm weather is here, I opted for my favorite jean shorts (also on sale) instead. Here's to un-toned and sun burnt legs! Ho-rah!

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