Road trip:
A series of road games or away games.

Welcome to day 3 (and last day) of my Dallas trip! Day 1 and 2 have been jam-packed and today was no different. The day started off with our blogger brunch. I only took a million photos on my cellphone and camera, so forgive me. I just had to document the prettiness! Thanks to Dandy for letting me borrow your dress (I had it in green---- Dandy and I basically have the same closet). 


Instead of name cards for your seating, we arrived to find illustrations drawn out for us! It was the coolest thing. Find out more about the artist, Lauren, here

Emily, Ashley, Stia and myself

The wonderful Angie who set everything up

The first time I met Kate!! Eeeee!!

Me Kate and Caitlin

With our lovely illustrations! Thanks again Lauren!!

Brighton and I

The progression and true feelings of our relationship...

And such a wonderful photo!

More pics with the lovely Ashley and Ashley


After the fun brunch, we decided to head to the mall (of course) to do some shopping, hang out before dinner, and take some outfit photos :)

After our little trip to the mall we went over to Highland Park Village to Mi Cocina. First off, let me start off by saying that I love Highland Park. Highland Park Village has all of these amazing shops, restaurants and beautiful scenery. We were lucky enough to catch the holiday lights still on the trees! Mi Cocina was also wonderful. Everything I ate (and I mean I ate everything) was so so good and the margaritas were the best! (Get the mango if you ever end up there!)

Jen, Ashley, Haley, and me (again)

Very blury photo, but it was the only one of all the girls so I had to include it anyway!

After dinner, we went out (pictures not included... same with videos) and I may or may not have gotten into a dance off with a guy at the bar (I totally won in case you were wondering). It was the perfect last night and a great way to end such an amazing trip. I met so many wonderful people, had a blast in my old stomping grounds of Dallas and I learned a lot about the value of friendship and how important it is to surround yourself with good people!

Only downside... I had a 6am flight back to NY (had to work that night) meaning I had to be at DFW by 4am. NO BUENO! I'm pretty good at missing my flights and having airport troubles, so I decided to forgo my sleep that night since we were out so late and just stay up and head to the airport. What a horrible and painful idea that was... Saw this in DFW and thought to myself, "where is the 'sit' option?"

Hope you enjoyed my stories and sharing of the trip! I travel quite a bit and I really need to start documenting it better. This was the first step! Yay!
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