Road trip:
A series of road games or away games.

We're back with our second day in Dallas (Day 1 here) . Today was quite a doozy! Early morning into the late night. But it was great to run around with my favorite girls!

We woke up early morning for Fly Wheel. Now this was my first spin class and thankfully I had people to go with! I've always wanted to go and try it out, but I never had someone to hold me accountable on going. I really enjoyed the class, it was a great workout. BUT man did my butt hurt. The seat was not as comfortable as I would like. I'm pretty sure I was bruised for a week. I had no idea that it was the norm! So I'm 50/50 on if I'll try it out here in NYC (they have locations all over the US!)

We took a pic with our WONDERFUL leader Mark! (Forgive me girls for posting this... I had to!)

After we cleaned up a little and headed back out. We spent 2 hours (...) getting ready at Fly Wheel. They were so nice to let us hang there after our class! Here's me and Cait after we were so fresh and (so) clean (clean). Wearing Dandy's vest, and my new bow neck tie.

After Fly Wheel we headed over to the rewardStyle office. It was really cool to see the brains behind the whole operation and their office was SO fun. I would totally love to work there everyday. I know my office/job is cool, but wow was this places was awesome. Of course it was great meeting all the girls (and guys) there. They're all extremely sweet, can't wait to go back!

After rewardStyle, we (quickly) shopped at Milk and Honey Boutique and I fell in LOVE with the store! Spent my "Dallas budget money" in that store, but it was totally worth it... I love this store! What a fun gem in Dallas.

After Milk and Honey, we headed on over to Dry Bar! Believe it or not, this was actually my first time at any type of Dry Bar. For those who don't know what it is, it's a salon that washes and styles your hair for you. It's a really brilliant idea and I know they're all over the US and on every corner in New York! It was a lot of fun, I wont lie. My favorite part is the free bubbly! It's a total pamper treatment. BUT I'm good at styling my hair (when I want to/have time to/ spend time in the morning doing so) and have the same thought on this as I do for manicures/pedicures: it's a really fun way to pamper yourself and it's even better to do it with your friends, but I can do it myself (the same way) for free!

But I really did have a good time, my stylist was amazing and it was fun to treat myself and try a new thing! That and the salon was amazing. There whole marketing and design is really just brilliant. They were also all so nice! The girl at the front (Ashley) and I bonded because she kept feeding me more champagne... Aka we were best friends.

Cuties at the front door

Brilliant... I'm a sucker for good marketing... and doughnuts.

I decided on the Cosmo/Southern Comfort

(during and after)

All the girls! (top row left-right): Dandy, Ashley, Jen, Ashley
(bottom row left-right): Brighton, Angie, Emily, Haley, Caitlin and myself

After Dry Bar, we got all nice and pretty for the blogger dinner! I'm pretty sure this is the only group where I can get away with such an amazing dress (on sale) for dinner. This group loves sequins and I love this group! I was just dying for a time and place to wear this and thankfully Dallas came just in time!

We met up with all the Dallas girls at Sissy's Southern Kitchen & Bar. It was a fun little southern place with the most delicious fried chicken in Dallas. The ambience was also really different and quite fun-- and the drinks were to die for. A+ Sissy's, A+.

(picture taken after hours)

Caitlin and I snuck away and found this old-timey room in the back, so of course we had to get a picture. 

Stia, Ashley, Emily, Dana, and Kristin

All the girls! We decided to go back in the room Caitlin and I found for a group picture. Think it turned out great! 

So much sequins...

And of course we went out after. I was too bust dancing like a weirdo to take many pictures, but I didn't manage to snap this of the showy boys in the corner. You're cool, but only as long as those sparklers are going. 

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Day 3! 

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