Pitch Around:
Not throwing a batter a hittable pitch, but also not walking him intentionally and hoping to get him to chase bad pitches.

Since being in the "real world" I've noticed most of my outfits are work related outfits. As they should be, right? My life revolves around work so I would think it's okay that my outfits do as well. This look was one I wore a couple weeks ago (ahem, behind the times on posting blog pictures) that I've been wearing on semi-repeat ever since (semi-repeat: different versions of the same look). I like the tailored and classic look that this outfit has, but of course I added a little twist.

I got the idea for this outfit from shopping around Theory in Meatpacking a while back while I was waiting for a friend. I saw a black shift dress with a simple white shirt under it. I just fell in love with the look and wanted to recreate the same look for MUCH less. Of course I have (and over wear) my white Ralph Lauren Oxford that I could have used, but this time I thought I'd add a little twist with this J. Crew Factory polka dot shirt. I thought it made the whole outfit a little more fun! I do however, need to figure out how to wear a button up under a dress without it getting all bunched up. That was my biggest problem... Other than that, I really enjoyed this look and so did everyone in the office. 

This outfit also gave a great start to my new boots! I recently bought these bad boys because I needed new black riding boots. I fell head over (short) heels for these. I have more muscular calves and skinny ankles so finding boots that work with every part of my leg can be a difficult task. These boots however have a stretchy material on the back so it hugs everything when they're on. I mean what more can a girl ask for?

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  1. This is SUCH a great look - I usually do a gingham shirt under a black dress. I'm definitely lusting after this Gap shift!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    1. Thanks Dana! That's a really good idea, because I love me some gingham. I'm going to have to try that too!

  2. You look absolutely fabulous! Your post once where you wore your white button up under the blue dress actually stays in my mind all the time because I love the look and want to try it! Also, I've seen on Pinterest several times to put a cami on over your shirt, then the dress so it doesn't get all bunched up. This outfit makes me want to layer everything of mine!

    Meredith | www.monogrammeredith.com

    1. Omg! That's a brilliant idea, than you for letting me know Meredith! Life saver! And I love the way you've layered on instagram. You look great :)


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