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Hi all! Welcome to 2014. Forgive me for taking a short winter break from the blog; computer troubles mixed with lots of traveling means very little time to focus on CTB (Covering the Bases). I'm now back and excited to start this year off right. Today's look is for the colder days... and living in NYC boy do we get a ton of colder days. Sometimes it's just not enough to wear your favorite cable knit sweater. Sometimes you have to throw on layers UNDER it as well. I mean it's THAT cold here!

Like most people, cable knit sweaters during winter time are a must. I recently stumbled upon this sweater while shopping on ASOS (which is becoming a go-to for me). The turtleneck PLUS the cable knit was a no brainier. And ASOS is usually pretty reasonable with prices too. So I threw it in my cart and a few days later it was at my doorstep. I really love the overall look of this sweater. It's comfy and warm, while also being really cute and fun to wear. It is however on the shorter side of where I'd like my sweaters to be, but since that's just a minor problem- I decided to keep it.

I wanted to layer the sweater because it's so dang cold here-- especially since I have to walk everywhere. But the problem was: how do you layer UNDER a sweater? What the heck do you wear?! You all know how much I love my Ralph Lauren Oxford and how it seriously goes with everything (example below). It was really random the day I threw this together. I was wearing my oxford and was about to throw on a sweatshirt over it to run outside and I accidentally grabbed this sweater instead. I realized what it was and thought, why not give it a try. And so I did. I threw it on over and rolled up the sleeves so you could see and fell in love with the look! I think it worked perfectly for what I was trying to do. And we all know I love to layer!

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