Home field advantage:
Teams playing home games have a small advantage over visiting teams. 

I'm back to shooting inside! If you remember my last post (here) I talked about how I LOVED taking blog photos inside and how since I've now mastered it, I will be doing it more and more. I'm sure you also recognize the settings as well since it's the same place as my last post. I just couldn't help it! I loved the colors and the lighting in the room. It's one of the best spots in the house.

Now about this outfit... when the colder weather is here, I'm one to throw on my favorite skinny jeans and a comfortable sweater. It's just so easy and warm. Perfect to wear with a scarf and jacket for the really cold days. I bought this fun sweater from ASOS. I couldn't resist the turtleneck and color combo! It reminds me of a sweater you wear for shooting. But anytime there is a quilted elbow patch, you know I'm going to be all over it. 

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how to shoot photos inside


  1. Such a beauty!!! I really need you to help me with what settings I need to shoot inside. Cause it's freezing. K thankssss :)

  2. I like that your shooting inside again! It would be really helpful if you could maybe post some tips/ tricks for settings to use on your camera while shooting inside :) A nice alternative when it's SO cold out

    1. Oh I should totally! Thanks for the advice. I think that would be so helpful!

  3. That sweater is fab! But you seriously need to share your secret to gorgeous hair cause it's stunning!


    1. Thanks Nathali! I love the sweater too! Here are all my secrets :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZAg7paavqs&list=UUqycmSE4avi7FLWGivQvT6g

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Ashley! Excited to be in the giveaway! You're amazing!


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