Welcome to Covering the Bases! The idea behind this blog is to bring my two worlds together: baseball + fashion. I'm really excited about this new change, and I hope you are too! I've been working countless nights to make this blog just how I've always wanted it and now it's finally here. From creating the graphics, to editing the HTML, to going through all old blog posts, I've created a place that truly represents who I am. 

As you can see, I've taken some old posts from Southern Shopaholic over to Covering the Bases. They are all re-written and re-vamped to go along with this blog. It's easy to lose yourself in the blogging world (and lose your voice) and I just wasn't happy with that. Hopefully this will be the push that really helps me as much as it helps you.

So let me break this thing down:

Every post will have a baseball saying, phrase, or term with a short description explaining it at the beginning in bold italics. From time to time, the saying will make sense with the post and other times, it won't. Which is okay with me if it's okay with you. 

Sometimes you'll know the term or understand the saying, which is also okay with me, but there also may be times where you won't. Heck, I didn't even know some of these. NOTE: I am also no longer in school, so the use of Wikipedia as a valid source is totally fair game. Why? Because wiki is better at describing things in simple terms than I am and I like it. 

Every post will also be broken down into baseball positions 
(that you can easily sort through with the tabs at the top of the page):

First Base: Any and all fashion/outfit posts. 
Second Base: Everything related to brands I love and stores I shop.
Third Base: My traveling posts. 
Home Plate: Anything to do with my home, decoration and organization. (See how I made that work?)
Pitchers Mound: Videos! 

Again, I'm really excited to get started! So play around the site, sign up for email, and follow along! Thanks for making the transition with me!

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