On the board:
A team is "on the board" (i.e., the scoreboard) when it has scored one or more runs.

I'd like to think by now I have mastered traveling... but like all of us I'm really hit or miss. Sometimes I'll look decently put together while other times I look like I just walked in off the streets after a long night/early morning of partying. Either way, I know I'm always comfortable! I usually like to go with shorts (for warmer weather) or leggings (for colder weather). That way I know my legs will be free to move around the cabin. 

This look was one I wore when I came home from Napa last week. Although it wasn't exactly fur jacket weather, it was pretty chilly on the flight and yours truly was riding middle on the way back. So the coat was for when I was sleeping to either act as a pillow or a blanket. See how I made that versatile? (Jacket from ASOS)

I paired it with a Free People top and my favorite leggings. I actually bought these last year around Thanksgiving and was glad I did! I get compliments all the time when I wear them AND they are now in style. Go figure... Who knew that leather leggings would be all the rage this fall? I'd like to take some credit for being ahead of the curve...

I finished the look with my favorite new loafers! These bad boys are legit! Plus I thought ahead to security lines and the taking off of the shoes involved. Just popped these on and off. It doesn't hurt that they're super comfortable and BLUE. My very favorite :) But enough with all the talking.. here's my outfit:

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"After being shut out for 6 innings, the Sox are finally on the board." White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson also uses the phrase as part of his home run call: "You can put it on the booooard... YES!"
(Shout out to my dad!)

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