Five o'clock hitter:
A hitter who hits really well during batting practice, but not so well during games. 

I'm all about some crop tops, as long as they're paired correctly. I fell in love with this bow crop when I saw it so I had to get it right away but for the longest time I was looking for something to wear it with. I'm not one for showing off too much skin so the idea of bringing the skirt to the top came to mind. I really love the idea of a crop top and high wasted skirt (or short or pant.. etc). So I paired it with my favorite J. Crew skirt and really liked how it worked out. It might not be best for work, just because of the change my midriff will show, but it's great for a night out with friends or when its too hot out!

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Top: ASOS/Skirt: J. Crew/Shoes: Tory Burch

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These were formerly known as "ten o'clock hitters" or "two-o'clock hitters" back when there were no night games.

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