ROAD TRIP: Charleston, SC

Road trip:
A series of road games or away games.

If you remember a couple weekends ago, I went to Charleston SC with a very good friend of mine, Lucy (check out her blog). And we couldn't have picked a better weekend to leave Lexington! It was a spur of the moment kind of trip (which are the best) because we just wanted warmer weather and the beach. To our surprise Lexington was hit with a nasty little snow storm the day after we left. So while we were enjoying ourselves on a boat and wearing flip flops, our friends were stuck inside trying to warm from the snow. 

Talk about some perfect timing! The weekend was amazing. All and all Lucy and I had a wonderful time. We were able to visit a friend we went abroad with, have wonderful food, go out on a sailboat, and hit the town. Of course I took some photos for y'all: 

Our trip to sea:

(my boat attire) I thought I did a pretty good job.. right?

Out and about:

ah-MAZING breakfast:

The warm weather we left: 

I've only been to South Carolina once and it was to Hilton Head, but can I just say I love this state? It was so beautiful. Lucy and I were driving back and we decided we needed to come back as soon as we can!
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