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As you all know by now, I'm settled in to New York! As promised, here is part 1 of my apartment tour: My bedroom. Since I'm living downtown, space is limited so technically by bedroom is my whole room, but I'm going to break it up into parts anyway. I live in a little alcove studio in Manhattan and so far I love my place! All of the furniture is from Ikea and I put it together myself! So I'm pretty proud of that.  Take a look:

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I couldn't find a headboard so instead, I decided to use a mirror which also helps to make the room look bigger. By the window is the AC which makes a large window sill. For now I made it a little place for Dixie or myself to sit. I'm also waiting on the rest of my  monogram bedding from Pottery Barn

monogram bedding, monogram sheets, preppy bedroom, all white bedroom
Next to the bed is my nightstand (also from Ikea) that holds all of my jewelry and nail polish and what not. And at the end of my bed there are two footstools with storage inside. They're a great way to store things like blankets and towels. Small apartments are all about hidden storage! Even the bed is a storage bed where I have extra clothes like nike shorts, tshirts, and sweats. The drawers are huge which is really nice.

The (dark and rainy) view from my window:

shoe case, book case of shoes, book shelf of shoes, book case with shoes

How to organize your closet
Next is an idea I saw on pinterest: using a bookshelf for shoe storage. I always hate how I've stored my shoes in the past, but this time I really love it! This bookshelf is for my heels and boots (not everything fit on here so I have more storage elsewhere). To organize it, I started with boots on the bottom, then wedges, then heels. I also tried to organize them by color (the best I could). Then on top, I store my boxes.

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