Work Pants That Feel Like Sweat Pants

Workwear Wednesday is back and get ready to have your mind b-l-o-w-n because I have found *the* work pants for days when you don't want to wear pants but still have to.


Ralph Lauren: White Oxford (more affordable option HERE) / Old Navy: Pull-On Straight Pants Topshop: Black Pump BaubleBar: Mini Monogam Necklace David Yurman: Pearl Earrings Apple: Apple Watch (review) / Sarah Chloe: Monogram Pinky Signet Ring

I think I might have kicked up the shadows a tad too much in these photos but I really wanted you to be able to see the black stripe on the side.

But other than that... these pants... you guys. I love these pants. There are days when I really don't want to dress up for the office and these are actually the next best things to sweat pants. They have an elastic waist but ONLY in the back so you can't even tell because even a tucked shirt covers it. 

The front looks like it has a zipper/button but there is nothing there. And they are straight fit throughout so they're not even too constricting! I mean what else could you want in pants that are appropriate for the office? 

I love these for all the above reasons but also because they're navy (duh). BUT ALSO because of the simple and classy black tuxedo stripe going down the side. I mean they just look so fresh and clean! 

The cut and length of these are super stylish and currently very on-trend. They are amazing. They come in black, navy with a black stripe, grey and black with a white stripe

I personally love how professional they look with pumps but I also paired them with navy flats last week and they were still super cute! So far I've worn these pants with a white blouse, a blue oxford and a beige sweater. They really go with everything!

In terms of sizing, they run a size large. I'm wearing a 6 and I'm normally a size 8 in pants only because of my hips/butt. Because of the elastic on the back, I'm able to size down! I'm also 5' 6" so if you are taller than that, I would get the "tall" size. They are right on the edge of being too short for the short length. 

On and gosh... I forgot to mention THEY ARE ONLY $27!!


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