DIY: How to Make Hand Made Push Pin Beaded Ornaments

Taking a break from fashion to share a fun family activity we did over Thanksgiving and how you can recreate and do the same!

The Supplies:

Starting Out:

  • Gather inspiration from online or vintage ornaments 
  • Organize your supplies (we used cupcake tins for the sequins)
  • Start pinning -- just place your sequins/beads/ribbon where you want it to go and pin it down. The top and bottom of the satin balls are a little more dense but you just need to find the perfect angle to push them in
  • Remember to use your thimble! 

My family and I made these over Thanksgiving and we had a blast with these! It started because I was looking for ornaments and came across this ornament that I love. But for $39 I thought -- psshh! I could do that myself! -- and so I did. 

I've always loved and admired my great grandmas ornaments and overall the ornate beading and detail of other vintage ornaments we have so I decided it would be a fun family activity for us all to do together over Thanksgiving break. So we sat down for about 11 hours and made these ornaments. I won't lie to you -- these take a long time. I would say an hour or two per ball depending obviously on how many pins and how much detail you go in to.

It was a lot of fun planning them out and really you just start pinning a pattern down then adding something else then doing another thing and by the end you have something really fun and unique! I love having these on the tree now and remembering the fun times we had making these! Below are some of the ones I took home:

And heres our mini tree where we were hosting the finished products:

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