LL Bean Duck Boots

Since it's October, I think it's time to talk about L.L. Bean Duck Boots. I have a slight obsession with them and I wanted to share some photos of this year's look and years past. 

To this day, Duck boots are still made by hand in Maine which is so amazing. Because of that, they sell out very quickly and I highly suggest buying them soon! I'm also here to help answer any questions you may have:

How does sizing run?
I highly suggest to go a full size down. The boots are handmade and therefore very generous. I'm a size 8 through and through and I wear a 7 in these boots.

What kind do you have?
I have the 8" tan and navy

Do you think I should buy the ones that are Gore-Tex/Thinksulate?
It's totally up to you! I personally didn't buy them so I would be able to wear my boots all year round. For instance, if it's raining in the summer I'll wear my boots and my feet won't be uncontrollably sweating. I can also just wear heavier socks in the winter. It works just as well! 

Are they hard to walk around in? Are they comfortable?
No they're not hard to walk around in and yes they've very comfortable. Just lace them up tight if you don't want them clumping around when you walk!

Are they waterproof?
100% yes! You can actually stand in a puddle up to the tip of your bean boot and be dry!

Do they last long?
Do they ever! I've had mine for three years (maybe more? I'm still not on board with the fact that it's October) and they look brand new! I have a friend whose dad bought a pair when he was in college and still wears them to this day!

What do you wear them with?
I wear mine with anything! Here are a few looks from last year on the blog:

Any other questions? Leave them below! 

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