What camera do you use?
I use a Sony A7R II camera with a 35mm 1.4 Zeiss lens.

Who takes your photos?
I'm lucky enough (and very thankful) that my boyfriend takes all of my blog photos. He's turned into quite the little photographer. 

Where do you work?
I work for Major League Baseball in their Social Media department. 

How do you balance working full time and blogging?
A lot of dedication, time management and drive. I wrote this post that goes into more detail!

How did you get into working in sports?
Networking is key. That and internships lead you to your dream job (in any industry) but you can read a little more about my story here

Tips for how I can work in baseball? 
Go to the job fair at the Winter Meetings! That's where I met my first boss, landed my first internship and ultimately got my job with Major League Baseball.

Where did you go to school and what did you major in?
I attended the University of Kentucky and I majored (after testing out a few other majors) in Business Communications.

I'm coming to NYC, what should I do?
I have a full NYC dedicated section here on the blog! Read about where to eat, where to stay and what to do!

Read a little more about what makes me, me here.

Did I miss anything? email me! coveringbasesblog@gmail.com

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