About popular New York fashion and travel blogger Covering the Bases

Launched in 2013, Covering the Bases is a New York lifestyle blog and a community of readers who want to live their happiest life by working hard, dressing well and traveling often. 

Work Hard // First and foremost, I pride myself on having a really cool day job and I love it. I also have a killer night job here on the blog and it's awesome. I enjoy having two jobs that keep me busy and on my toes. I think a day well spent is one filled with time spent doing what you love and I'm grateful enough to be doing just that!

Dress Well // On Covering the Bases, I strive to provide you with fashion that avoids run-of-the-mill trends with more focus on mixing high and low fashion, styling classic pieces, creating timeless outfits and wearing clothes that make you feel good while always being true to yourself and your style.

Travel Often // I like to take trips that are attainable, adventurous and quick (hello Monday - Friday job responsibilities). I think the majority of us can learn from making the most of our time and resources and I hope to help you on this adventure! 

Covering the Bases started because I needed a little more oomph in my life. I never knew it would grow into the popular New York lifestyle blog it has today but I'm thankful that it has! It has helped me professionally, guided me emotionally and challenged me mentally. I can't imagine a life without it (but I'd like to think I'd have a killer bod with all the extra free time). 

If you love fashion and travel, if you're inspired by NYC life and living in small (over priced) studios, or if you're an avid YouTube watcher, you'll feel right at home here. 

So I ask you now to start poking around the site and see where it takes you! HERE is a great place to start :)
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