25 Days of Christmas Movies

It's December and you know what that means! Time to turn up some holiday music, bring out the decorations, and snuggle up to some movies. Last year Andrew and I started the tradition of watching a holiday movie every day of December, leading up to Christmas and I wanted to share our list with you all this year. 

Since last year was our first year, I asked for recommendations and you guys delivered. I think we got over 140 recommendations and we had to narrow it down some to a manageable level before sharing. So if you're looking for a more in-depth list, check out the top 65 recommended movies from last year's post.

 For this year we obviously kept the classics, but we also wanted to change it up a bit so we moved some movies off until next year and added new and old movies to this year. Below is our list (in no particular order, outside of It's a Wonderful Life being on Christmas Eve) for this year with the streaming service you can watch on. Thankfully almost all of them are free to stream! 

I hope you enjoy -- I can't wait to get started!

1.    8-Bit Christmas (HBO Max)

2.    A Boy Called Christmas (Netflix)

3.    Arthur Christmas (Hulu)

4.    The Muppets Christmas Carol (Disney +)

5.    The Christmas Chronicles (Netflix)

6.    The Christmas Chronicles 2 (Netflix)

7.    Christmas Office Party (Hulu, Sling TV)

8.    Christmas Vacation (HBO Max)

9.    Elf (HBO Max)

10. Fred Claus (HBO Max)

11. Home Alone (Disney +)

12. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (Disney +)

13. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Amazon Prime $, YouTube $, Apple TV $)

14. It’s A Wonderful Life (Amazon Prime)

15. Jack Frost (HBO Max)

16. Jingle All The Way (Hulu)

17. Jingle Jangle (Netflix)

18. Klaus (Netflix)

19. Let It Snow (Netflix)

20. Miracle on 34th Street (HBO Max)

21. Night Before (Hulu)

22. Polar Express (HBO Max)

23. Prancer (Hulu)

24. The Santa Clause (Disney +)

25. White Christmas (Netflix)

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