What I'm Buying from the Sephora Sale

MIDDLE ROW: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz / Farmacy Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm / Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Gloss

BOTTOM ROW: Living Proof Mini Dry Shampoo / Ouai Mini Dry Shampoo / Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

I will say that I'm in a pretty good routine makeup-wise so there isn't much I need at the moment. I'm just looking to replace some items that I'm either out of or running low on like my brow pencil and my favorite lip gloss. I'm also so sad to find out they've discontinued my favorite mascara so I'm returning to an old favorite -- the Dior show -- hoping I love it as much as I did years ago.

In terms of skincare when pregnant I've been doing a "less is more" approach and by that, I mean barely even washing my face on a day-to-day basis. Before getting pregnant, if I didn't wash my face morning and night I would wake up the following day to massive breakouts around my chin and cheeks. It wasn't a fun time. 

Since getting pregnant, my skin has done a complete 180 and if I wash it more than twice a week it freaks out. So for now I'm just rinsing it in the shower and will give it a proper wash whenever I do makeup or wear SPF. There are also so many rules on what you can and can't use during pregnancy it's all just too confusing to follow. So I'm washing with a gentle cleanser and following that up with my Bader Rich cream.

I've been using Bader for a few years now and I'm happy that I can continue into my pregnancy. The only issue is this thing is EXPENSIVE so I like to stock up during any sale. 20% off is the best deal I can find so I'm buying two during the Sephora sale -- one for now and one for later. 

Also on the topic of stocking up, I'm repurchasing a few of my favorite makeup remover cleansing balms. This stuff is the BEST at removing your makeup completely and doing so gently as to not pull or tug when washing your face. It's a holy grail for me and I've gone through at least 5 tubs of it over the past few years!

Outside of that, I really focused on hair for the majority of this Sephora purchase. I live and breathe for dry shampoo and I've been using my Prose pretty much non-stop lately but I do find that I wish for some aerosol sprays here and there when I just want to spray and go. But dry shampoo is so weirdly expensive and I feel like there is always a new one coming out so I decided to buy a few mini bottles to test out (like the Ouai and the new Living Proof), and purchase my favorite Moroccan Oil one (full size) during the sale. 

If you're a Sephora Beauty Insider, use code "YAYHOLIDAY" for 10-20% off your purchase!

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