Weekend Update: October 29

Happy Halloween weekend and happy birthday (tomorrow) to my sister Katharine and my dear friend Ashby!!

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-Ok we are saying HELL YES to this black dress as a holiday option.

-I've been looking at rugs non-stop this week and we're between this one and this one for the living room.

-Thinking of buying more colors in this bra that I bought last week! Has been a godsend for my ever-growing and uncomfortable pregnancy chest.

Weekend Plans: Gosh, I did so much this week I don't quite know what is left for me to do! I think Saturday we will go to see the in-laws and then Sunday we'll host our first group of trick-or-treaters. Looking forward to kids stopping by the house, it will be our first year doing so.

Currently Watching: We just watched Dune (on HBO MAX) last night and I really liked it! I was worried it would be too confusing to follow but I thought it was done in a way where I could follow but couldn't figure it out (which is my favorite). Highly suggest!

Most Popular Item of the Week: These vegan leather pull-on pants (seen above)! I can't seem to take them off because they go with everything, look like pants but feel like leggings, and are SO cute. I got them in a size small and they fit great (so size down).

What Made Me Happy: I felt the baby kick for the first time this week and now I can feel him throughout the day. It's a really crazy and weird feeling but that first kick against my hand will be one I never forget. 

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