New Dudley For Fall

The fall and holiday Dudley's have dropped!! I wanted to re-share the favorites I own and answer a few questions for you guys if you're also interested in picking some up for this year.

Greenpoint Natural Blush / Cobble Hill Camel / Park Slope Navy
Cobble Hill Red / Cobble Hill Cocoa
Greenpoint Emerald Green / Park Slope Nantucket Fog / Greenpoint Burgundy

I'm a size M through and through in Dudley, so I say it's pretty TTS. If you're in between, I would suggest sizing up. If you want a more in-depth review from other women of all different shapes and sizes, you should check out their fit guide here!

Fabric Options:
I personally love their original Vello fleece. Perfect for winter and the cooler months and so soft. It wears so well and it's something you'll never want to take off. The terry is more for springtime (IMO), but you can read more about their fabrics in this guide here!

Style Choices:
You truly cannot go wrong with any of their styles. I find myself wearing the Park Slope style the most, but I know for people like my sister (who has a longer torso) she prefers the Greenpoint which is a little longer. All of my friends have told me to stock up on the Cobble Hill styles for a winter pregnancy and I can see the appeal. That and leggings seem like a pretty great go-to option for days when I have to get "dressed". Now just to figure out what color I want!

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