What I Packed for a Month in Nantucket

So I packed a lot of stuff ... sue me! LOL. I'm all about the extra outfit options on a regular vacation, but for the entire month? I can't be stopped. I know people usually ask what to pack/wear in Nantucket so I thought this could be a helpful guide. Nantucket is casual for the most part, but people know how to dress up here! I'm always in the camp of wear what makes you feel good and forget about the rest. 

The hardest thing about Nantucket is that you have to pack for any kind of weather. Even now, in July, it can have some really cold/chilly days and nights. The only thing I forgot to pack (which I bought on island) is a rain jacket. Those are extra helpful when walking around town! 






OV / Abercrombie / Amazon dress


Blue Loafers / Chanel Espadrilles / Hermes Oran (similar) / Hermes Oasis

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