Everything I Wore in Nantucket

I got a handful of requests to link my Nantucket looks from our most recent trip. It wasn't a "blogging" trip so I didn't bring or shoot any looks, but more so what I wanted/would wear visiting the island. Pro trip: pack sweaters. You'll need them more than you think!

Sweater (similar) / T-Shirt / JeansSneakers

Starting off with my travel look to Nantucket. Just wearing a simple white t-shirt and jeans. Paired with these white sneakers (that I love) and an old Nantucket sweatshirt.

T-Shirt / SweaterJeans / Headband / Sandals (similar)

Same thing going home but swapped the sneakers for Hermes sandals (similar here) and a red sweater for this blue cashmere one that I love to wear. Added a headband because my hair was dirty.

Sweater / Jeans / Sandals (similar) / Barbour

I wore this outfit like 2-3 times on the trip. Just some white jeans and the cashmere sweater. Layered a Barbour when it got cold and added accessories when needed.

Sweater / Jeans / Sandals (similar)

Simple dinner look is just some white jeans and a Dudley sweater since we were eating outside. Comfy and casual. Added my favorite sandals, a statement headband, and my lightship bag.

Dress (similar) / SweaterWedges

A more dressed-up dinner is this white t-shirt dress that is a few years old, the Dudley again for when it gets cold, and some cute blue wedges. 

I didn't get an official picture in this, but I wore this walking around town shooting on my first day. My navy nap dress, a white denim jacket, and my white sneakers. 

OxfordJeans / Sweater (similar) / Sandals (similar)

A classic never can go wrong look: white jeans, a blue oxford, and a colorful sweater. It's one of my tried and true looks.

Dress / SweaterHeadband / Sandals (similar)

A fancy dinner night wearing this old dress from Tuckernck, paired with my favorite sweater from J. Crew, a headband for the beach hair, and my white sandals (again).

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