Weekend Update: May 28

Happy three-day weekend to everyone. Hope you're doing something fun to kick off the start of what should be an amazing summer.

This post is in partnership with Olive!

Weekend Update: May 28

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-This is the *perfect* summer dress. I can't get enough of this print!

-My favorite white jeans are on sale this weekend for 25% off.

-Perfect white eyelet (and tiered!) dress for a stylish summer, coming in right under $100.

-Chappy Wrap restocked a ton of blankets this week, the BEST blanket for winter, fall, spring and summer.

Weekend Plans: I think we're having people over this weekend to celebrate the holiday but I personally will be working on Penny Linn Designs. I'm trying to plan a massive launch for our next collection before I leave for Chicago to see my parents at the end of next week. 

Currently Watching: We are still making our way through Newsroom (on HBO) but we're also watching some funny romcom/early 2000's movies like American Pie and Van Wilder. It's been fun to reminisce on these movies that made our teenage years so great. 

Most Popular Item of the Week: The summer dress I simply cannot stop wearing (above). I think it's so easy and really cute to wear. I throw it on whenever I can and honestly I'm probably wearing it too much. 

What Made Me Happy: What made me happy: How much you guys loved Olive when I shared it on stories the other day!! I can’t tell you how much I love and support this company and its mission to help online shoppers like myself to cut back on all the waste (Andrew is grateful too!). If you missed the stories, Olive is a free app and website plug in that you use when shopping and as you go to check out, Olive will pre-fill in the shipping address to ship to their warehouse so everything you order goes there, gets properly recycled, and then sent to you once a week. So instead of a million boxes and waste showing up at your door, you just get one eco-friendly shipper with all your goods inside. The best part is that they also handle your returns for you!! It couldn’t be easier too. You just drop whatever you don’t want in the box to send back (which you need to ship back anyway) and that’s it. It’s been a total game-changer.

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