My Week Away

This past week (+ a few days) has been a DOOZY. I mourn for the Krista who thought this past week would be a vacation. So here's a quick update of where I've been.

As you know, my parents came into town last week to see us in Connecticut for the first time. It was so exciting having them here, and it was so needed too. It was truly awesome having them here. They came out to visit, but also to help me recuperate as I had my surgery. They also took the time to bring out all of my childhood things in their house. So our newly empty living room is back to being storage lol.

They arrived last Saturday and I decided to step back from the blog and social media for the week to hang out with them. I had not seen them since May 2020, and I wanted to soak up all I could. I turned off notifications on my phone and just hung out. In the beginning of the week, Mom and I watched (aka binged) Ginny and Georgia on Netflix and I really liked the show! It was something light and cute with drama sprinkled in, and was just what the doctor ordered.

We also got to working on my office renovations. Before my surgery I had plenty of energy, so we started building out the Elfa closets in both the needlepoint and blog office. There were lots of back and forth trips to The Container Store as we tweaked things going along. My mom worked there for many years when I was in high school, and is the queen of Elfa, so she was able to fix and make better the plans that someone else designed. 

Looking back, I'm glad we got that done earlier in the week. We started on Sunday and I think finished both spaces by Tuesday. Then on Wednesday I had surgery. That's when the week took a quick turn for the worse. 

I'm not sure if I was just naive or inexperienced, but surgery totally kicked my ass. The surgery itself went well, but as for recovery, I am only now able to take care of myself on my own (a full week later). As of today, I feel like my old self (yay!). It was super traumatic and totally made the rest of the week a blur. I was in so much pain that I resorted to the stronger dose of pain killers prescribed. If you know me, you know I hate taking any kind of medication. That medication in turn brought on more issues not related to my surgery.

In short, it was one of the worst and most painful weeks of my life, and I don't wish it on anyone. But I will say that I am SO glad my parents were here to help take care of me. It was an extra set of hands that was so needed, and there is really nothing better than your mom's love!

So there were ups and downs of last week. The downs (aside from the above) was I didn't really get any kind of "vacation" to relax and enjoy my time off. There were more sick days than vacation days lol. I also didn't do anything on my to-do list. I had it all planned out to do x, y, and z but none of it got done. What I did do though (the ups) was watch a lot of movies and needlepoint. Being zoned out on medication really helped the time fly and I highly recommend needlepointing to anyone else who is recovering and bed ridden!

We watched some Golden Globe nom/Oscar hopeful movies like Judas and the Black Messiah (HBO Max), Hillbilly Elegy (Netlfix), Minari (rental), One Night in Miami (Amazon Prime), and News of the World (rental). I also finished Ginny and Georgia (Netflix) like I said above and The Great (Hulu). The only thing that was meh was The Great. I will share my full review of the movies and save to my "Oscar szn" highlight on Instagram.

All of this to say that I am finally feeling like myself again, but am still taking things slow. And I really just wanted to check in with you guys. If anything, this past week has just taught me to take care of myself to be the best me. So I'm calling this my "part time" week back with posts on IG, and some smaller posts on the blog this week. But Monday? Monday we will be back in the full swing of things. Thanks for allowing my break to go so smoothly and I appreciate all of you who sent in well wishes and sent check in messages this week 💕.

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