Facebook Marketplace Finds - Vol. 1

Facebook Marketplace Finds

Welcome to a new little series of my Facebook Marketplace finds! I love sharing these on Instagram with you all but I know it can be hard without links or with a time limit so we're moving it to here. Plus I can share a lot more than I normally would in a blog post. Hope you enjoy!

Facebook Marketplace Finds - Vol. 1

It is no secret that I love Facebook Marketplace! I'm on it as much as I'm on Instagram (and that's saying a lot). I love to scroll and find great items at a great price. If you're looking for anything and are ok with buying second-hand (which is good for the environment, and your wallet!) you need to be on marketplace. 

I love it because I can find great items for our new house at some amazing prices. A lot of stores that specialize in antiques and vintage pieces will upcharge a lot whereas FBMP is basically a treasure trove of fairly priced goods that people don't know are actually worth a lot more!

I wrote about FBMP a little more and shared my tips on how to find furniture and home decor but today I wanted to share some actual listings that I saved from the past week. My search radius is 100 miles out from Greenwich, CT so most of these will be in the tri-state area but I also asked you guys for other places to search, and DC, MA, and NC came up a lot. So I added some of my favorite listings for 100 miles from DC, Boston, and Charlotte below. 

If you want to see your area next, just comment, and I will add them for next week. I'm hoping if you guys like this series, I can do something weekly. I don't make anything from these links but I'm hoping I can just show others how great FBMP is when shopping for your home and saving some money (when you're actually buying quality furniture vs something made in China for the same price).

Tri-state Area

Facebook Marketplace Finds
Greenwich, CT - $1,250

Facebook Marketplace Finds
Westport, CT - $300

Facebook Marketplace Finds
New Canaan, CT - $450

Facebook Marketplace Finds
Stamford, CT - $295

Facebook Marketplace Finds
Yorktown Heights, NY - $270

Facebook Marketplace Finds
Weston, CT - $800

Facebook Marketplace Finds
Stamford, CT - $440

Facebook Marketplace Finds
Ridgefield, CT - $150

Facebook Marketplace Finds
Edgewater, NJ - $3,000

how to find furniture on facebook marketplace
New York, NY - $425

best furniture on facebook marketplace
Richboro, PA - $75

DC Area

where to buy vintage furniture online
Woodbridge, VA - $1,440

where to buy vintage mirrors online
Woodbridge, VA - $1,130

antique mirror
Manchester, MD - $365

buying on facebook marketplace
Fairfax, VA - $720

facebook marketplace review
Fairfax, VA - $1,080

facebook marketplace experience
Alexandria, VA - $250

facebook marketplace furniture
Fairfax, VA - $350

Charlotte Area

facebook marketplace charlotte area
Catawba, NC - $150

facebook marketplace rugs
Charlotte, NC - $600

facebook marketplace mirror
Richburg, SC - $25

facebook marketplace antique mirror
Columbia, SC - $15

facebook marketplace antique finds
Greensboro, NC - $850

facebook marketplace antique buys
Cornelius, NC - $200

facebook marketplace vintage find
Charlotte, NC - $250

facebook marketplace vintage items
Rock Hill, SC - $4,500

Boston Area

facebook marketplace boston area
Gloucester, MA - $75

boston area antiques
Auburn, MA - $500

=boston area thrift
Ipswich, MA - $123

boston area vintage items
Barrington, RI - $100

boston area vintage sale
Cambridge, MA - $200

boston area antique sale

boston area sofa sale
Stratham, NH - $150

boston area dining set sale
Hudson, MA - FREE

boston area marketplace antiques
Kingston, RI - $300

boston area vintage chair
Westfield, MA - $50

boston area classic pieces for sale
Hingham, MA - $20

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