20 Home Decor Items I Love

20 Home Decor Items I Love

I have one thing on the mind and its HOME DECOR. It's soooooo much fun to look at all the pretty things and imagine spending endless amounts of money getting the ideal dream home. It's not happening but we are making it work by shopping a lot of second-hand places. But it's also nice to check out a few things here and there and finding great new items to mix in with the older pieces.

Thought it may be fun to share my recent saves with you all if you're looking to decorate or spruce up your space. I'm still trying to find the term for my decor style though.. I think it's somewhere around traditional modern or grandmillennial. Either way, it's a lot of blues, whites, wicker, floral, and gold.

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  1. I just saw two gorgeous blue and white garden stools on FB Marketplace this morning!


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