For the Guys Gift Guide

For the Guys Gift Guide

Bottom: UGG Neumel Chukka Boot / Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Cooler / Yeti Tundra Cooler Patagonia Water Resistant Jacket

For the Guys Gift Guide

Patagonia Fleece Pullover 

When it comes to guys and Patagonia you can't go wrong. I love a simple fleece pullover.

L.L. Bean Lined Plaid Shirt 

We bought this for my FIL last year and he wears it all the time. Not only is it warm from the flannel but extra warm inside with the fleece. Great to wear on its own or layer up. 

L.L. Bean Moccasins 

It's possible that I will include these slippers in every single gift guide I make this year lol. But really, they are amazing. They will last you a lifetime, are super warm, and are great unisex slippers for indoor and outdoor use. Andrew's entire family has these and we all love to wear them. 

Mark & Graham AirPod Case 

First things first, AirPods should be on the holiday list! This could be a great add on accessory or a fun new addition to a pair they already own. It's a great and affordable stocking stuffer option.

Mark & Graham Insulated Beer Holder 

I thought this was such a good idea to keep your beer cold while also being ~classy~ with a monogram case. Something really simple and easy to use. A major step up from coozies.

Recoup Cryosphere 

This is more random but perfect for the health nut in the family. It's a cryo ball that you freeze and roll over any aches and pains in the body. Cryo technology is *all the rage* right now so it's something I'm sure a lot of people don't currently have but may end up loving.

Ticket To Ride Game 

WE LOVE THIS GAME and play it often with our family. What I love about it is that demands strategy, it's different, and it can be played with just two players! We're gifting this to my BIL since he loved it so much when we played over the summer. It will give him time to practice and get better since he's super competitive!! 

Mark & Graham Wireless Charging Tray 

I included this in our gift guide for mom, but I wanted to include it again because it really can be for everyone. Wireless charging is the way of the future and it would be so easy to just set this catchall tray up on his nightstand. Something they never knew they needed.

Mark & Graham Leather Poker Set 

I thought this was a really cute set for the gamer in your life. You can monogram the leather case too. My BIL would especially love this since he plays poker with his buddies every week. It's a more unique gift option.

Theragun Percussive Therapy Device 

I got the Theragun earlier this year and Andrew and I love to use it when we're feeling tight or sore on our muscles. It's totally usable on your own/for one person but it's also helpful to lend a hand, which is what we do when we use it. It's pretty fun and kind of crazy but I think just about any guy (or girl!) on your list would use it. 

Cole Haan Hiker Boot 

Both Andrew and my dad got these for Christmas last year and they LOVE them and wore them throughout all of last winter. I assume they will be making a comeback shortly. Andrew has let me know that they are THE most comfortable boots he's ever worn. He would wear them on his walk to work and then throughout the entire day in the office. He also said they don’t make your feet sweat (which is always a good thing), are great in the rain because they are waterproof, are non-slip, and have a good grip on them!

Barbour Powell Quilted Jacket 

If you're looking for a Barbour that's a little more "jacket" style than regular Barbour coats, I think this Powell jacket is a great option. It's a little more affordable than the regular waxed options and is more of a universal style for guys of every fashion category to wear. Plus this will keep them warmer than the regular styles too!

UGG Neumel Chukka Boot 

 I think these are really cute and are a cool way for guys to pull off Ugg boots! I think guys would fall in love with these as much as girls do if they could find the right style.

Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Cooler // Yeti Tundra Cooler 

This is on Andrew's Christmas list this year and Yeti coolers are one of those things that you always hear people rave about. I've never met someone who didn't love their Yeti. It's a cult classic!! We need to decide if the large cooler or the packable one is more suitable for our lifestyle.

Patagonia Quilted Jacket 

I surprised Andrew with this jacket a few years ago and it's now one of his most worn jackets! He likes that it's lightweight but still super warm. I feel like guys don't really like a ton of bulky layers so this works really well for him. It's a nicer style of jacket that Andrew wears to work often. I swear he's wearing this jacket from November to March. 

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