Your Fall Mask Reccomendations

Your Fall Mask Recommendations

Never did I think I'd be writing about face masks, but here we are, on my second post about them!! Kind of crazy, right? When this all started I told myself "just one mask, don't go crazy." But with the change of season, and how often we wear masks now, it makes sense to have a few around the house. I wanted to find some cute ones for fall, asked for your best recommendations, and you guys CAME THROUGH. I can't wait to share them with you...

Your Fall Mask Recommendations

Tory Burch

Your Fall Mask Recommendations

Out of all the recommendations, Tory Burch was No. 1 by far. I was kind of shocked by that. TB has masks?? And they're worth the price?? These are actually what I decided to buy. They have cute prints, you guys swear by them, and I liked that they came in a set of five so ya girl can have #options. 

Lele Sadoughi

Your Fall Mask Recommendations

Right after TB came Lele Sadoughi. You guys LOVE these and say they are the perfect fitting face mask because of their adjustable ear straps and cut. Even when I mentioned that most masks don't fit me well, so many of you suggested Lele. I was super close to buying these over the TB set, but I liked that TB came with better fall prints.

Old Navy

Your Fall Mask Recommendations

Another highly recommended one (this rounded out the top three!) was Old Navy. Wowow does Old Navy have OPTIONS for masks! Sets of five or 10, kids, women, and men. You name it, they have it. And they have a TON of prints. They're also great because they have a ton of colors, patterns, and options, so I think everyone can find something. Most of you mentioned that you were pleasantly surprised by these. I would say the same!


Your Fall Mask Recommendations

These masks came up when I asked about workout options (so many mask occasions lol), and again when I asked for fall options. Most said they're not the *cutest* (which I would have to agree), but everyone said they are the most breathable. You win some, you lose some. 

Draper James

Your Fall Mask Recommendations

Everyone has masks! Even Draper James! And you know if it's DJ, it's going to be CUTE. They definitely do not disappoint. These color and pattern options are so perfectly on-brand for fall and the prep lifestyle.



Just about every time I ask for mask recommendations, someone mentions Tuckernuck! I love Tuckernuck and just about everything they do, so I wanted to include them on the list! If you want some basics, they have great colors but they also have a ton of fun prints (more spring/summer then fall)!



A few people hit me with the Anthropologie recommendation, and WOW they have a ton of mask options. They are not totally my style since they're a bit more boho, but I wanted to include them on the list if that is your vibe!! Don't sleep on Anthro!

Discover Night

Discover Night masks

Kind of a love-hate with Discover. I love them because it is great for my skin and maskne, but kind of hate because the sizing is super inconsistent and runs a tad long. I did want to mention it because it seems I'm one of the few people who have this issue! 

Revolve and Shopbop

Revolve and Shopbop masks

I also got a ton of recommendations for Shopbop and Revolve and the various smaller brands they carry on their site! It's a good place to get a wide variety of options (some even included on this list) and check out a TON of different styles. Plus both stores offer free shipping and returns, so they are always on the top of my list for places to shop and checkout!


  1. Super cute masks! Since the overall point of them in the first place is protection, which for me is the #1 consideration when buying a mask (and then look/fit/etc. -which you gave super helpful reviews on) it would have been nice if the review included some of the very basic health quality info. For ex. I was sad (bc they're so cute) to see once I went to the website that the Tory Burch masks don't actually meet the WHO recommended 3 layers unless you place a filter (not included) in the mask.

    If you could include how many layers of fabric each of these masks include or some other general note about whether these masks do/don't meet the WHO recommended (3 layers), or if they require a not included filter, that'd be so awesome. For me having to include an additional filter is a dealbreaker, so I just went down the list until I found one that was 3 layers on its own, but I just thought about how many people may buy that mask on your recommendation without realizing that without one it's meaningfully less effective. It's obviously not your responsibility if your followers purchase a mask without reading the product description and determining if it's safe enough, but in times like this making that info. accessible would be a really kind and helpful thing to do.

    1. (typo in 2nd paragraph- oops!) *that without a non-included filter it's meaningfully less effective.


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