Weekend Update: August 21

Weekend Update: August 21

The fruit of a deep-cleaned apartment ^^ is more space for showing off the bags I never wear to my cat and husband who don't care LOL. But hey, it looks good!

Weekend Update: August 21

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-Outdoor Voices restocked their dresses and it's a MUST! Runs TTS and is seriously the best to wear whenever. You can also get either 15 or 20% off when you sign up for their newsletter.

-I bought this tank in white and I am OBSESSED. I've seen it all over TikTok and o.m.g. is it GOOD. I can't stop wearing it. I'm buying it in four more colors now. Size up. I wear a size L

-Dudley Stephens just dropped a HUGE shipment of goodies and now is the time to stock up before they're gone. It's just about the only thing I wear in the fall and winter. 

-100x yes to this zebra Lilly dress!!

-Thinking of buying a silk mask to help with my mask acne and have heard really, really good things about this one. I'll be using Grace's code for 20% off too (BOP20)

Best Sale of the Week: 

J. Crew is having a massive sale where items are up to 72% off!!

Weekend Plans: 

A lot is actually going on this weekend and I'm excited about it! We're off to Westchester tonight to drop off a bunch of stuff from the apartment. If you missed it, we're looking to have someone take over our lease in the city (if you're interested, email akaestner@lgfairmont.com for more info) and have been cleaning out for showings photos! Which leads me to the next part of my weekend: shooting our apartment (finally) with Allie. Then on Monday, we are off to NJ for a week at the beach. 

A Must Watch: 

NEW GIRL!!!! I may be *so* late to this train but it's the best show. I laugh out loud in every episode and honestly it's what the world needs right now. Something lighthearted and fun. It will make you smile.

Most Popular Item of the Week: 

This super-soft off the shoulder sweater from Leith. Currently on sale for $39!

What Made Me Happy: 

Not going to lie, cleaning out the apartment has made me really happy. We got rid of close to half of our stuff and it feels so good

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