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This past week has been hard. And I realize I'm scratching at the surface but I hope that you all have been learning, sharing, and having the tough conversations with yourself and others. [I don't know that there is a great picture to use for this post, so please enjoy this photo of Dixie and I watching a sunrise over the city].

I first want to start out by apologizing for not speaking to you sooner. For a long time, I've had the stance of no world events on the blog and social. Not out of fear of retaliation, but out of fear of not speaking to it all and/or saying the wrong thing. There is so much bad in this world. I try to focus on the light but I understand that's my privilege, and it won't happen again. If anything, this past week has taught me that using my voice will help others share theirs, and together we can help the world change for the better.

A lot of this past week has been about learning and self-reflection. And a lot of it is personal. Tough conversations I'm having with myself, with Andrew, and with our friends and family. It's going to be a long road ahead but I am excited and honored to have been at an age where I can understand it, where I have the opportunity to change my future (and the lives of my children), and be able to help in a meaningful way.

The hard part of this week is coming to the realization that there is so much to fix and not one clear path to do it. There is no to-do list of things to help change and rid the racism against black people in this country. I keep coming back to the part of feeling hopeless. But now is not the time to give up hope. The world is shifting and it's time to take advantage of the power we have in unity. 

As much as I'd like to list out all the action items I'll be doing over the next few weeks, months, and years to better myself, I can't. So instead, I've decided to make some promises to myself that I hope will lead me to a better place of understanding and down a focused path where I can make the biggest difference in my community.

A lot of this will happen behind the scenes. And that's not a way of blowing it off or just saying I will do it, but a matter of truth. We're humans, we ebb and flow. I will talk about dresses one moment and criminal justice reform (when I know more!) the next -- and it will be ok. We will be ok. It's what makes us, us. 

I also thought it best to share what I'm doing in hopes you can either follow along to do the same (I promise to share more often on here and on social so we can learn and share together), or come up with similar promises to yourself and to this movement. Every little part helps and together we can make a real change. This won't happen overnight but I will dedicate myself to it daily, and I hope you do the same.

I promise to learn and consume. This is first and foremost. There is so much to learn and to understand. This past week is just scratching the surface and I'm eager and excited to keep learning. All the information we need is out there, waiting to be consumed. I will no longer assume to know anything, I will listen with open ears and an open heart. I will learn to get better. This is the first, and most important step anyone can take. 

I promise to share and promote. As an influencer, my platform is my power and I will use it to help black women in the industry. I will share press contacts, sponsorship pricing, information, knowledge with any black blogger who is looking for advice, help or just to compare notes. Email me, DM me, let's talk! I will also help promote other bloggers on all my platforms and to brands looking for other influencers to partner with.

I promise to use my voice and get involved. As a white person of privilege, I have come to realize my voice is also my power. And I'm going to use it. I'm going to find ways to donate time and money by getting involved with charities, initiatives, and organizations that will help fight racism in this country. Focusing where I can make an impact locally and helping with fundraising nationally. 

I promise to never stop.

With all the love in my heart, 
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