Weekend Update: May 22

Happy Friday and holiday weekend to everyone! I hope you're able to enjoy this weekend as best you can. Please stay safe in whatever you do!!

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Five Items I Have My Eyes On:
-I always have this Sephora sales and coupons page bookmarked so I can see what promotions they're running, and I saw that my favorite toner is a GWP! Just spend $25 and you can add it to your cart with code "MORECLEAN". The little trial size lasts a long time and it's how I fell in love with the toner! The full-sized version is also 20% off here if you want to buy!

-I am 110% a fan of this new blue and white Lilly print! This romper is so cute and this skort is currently in my cart!!

-One of my all-time favorite tops now is available in a linen version, which I feel like I need, right? I have to have it for summer...

-Looking for just about any excuse to buy this off the shoulder eyelet dress. Any suggestions are welcome.

-My (very big and beautiful, but expensive) bow sun hat from my honeymoon now comes in a white silk bow and it's to die for. It's so pretty! Perfect for a bride looking to splurge on a honeymoon item. Maybe not soon but one day!!

Best Sales This Week: 

Weekend Plans: It's Memorial Day Weekend so Andrew has a half-day today and a full day off on Monday. Not quite sure what we'll do or what we can do. All I'm hoping for is time to play games, paint, and needlepoint, and eat some hot dogs and hamburgers! We'll have to see how busy it gets outside with it being a holiday weekend and the weather being so nice!!

A Must Watch: Normal People on Hulu! It's based on a book (that I didn't read) but the show was great. It's a mini-series consisting of 12 episodes each an hour long. There is a lot of sex in it (fair warning!) and it kind of gets really depressing towards the end, so don't watch if you want something uplifting lol. Overall, I really enjoyed the show. 

Most Popular Item of the Week: The Dermaflash pore extractor! The 20% off sale definitely helps since it's a bit more on the expensive end for a skin tool but IT WORKS. It gets out so much gunk in your pores. It's seriously one of my new favorite tools, and I'm not one for gimmicks. 

What Made Me Happy: My cousin, Maren, has started working with me for the summer! When I offered her the paid internship a couple months back, I had different plans for how she could help, but the virus has definitely changed things! Now she's helping out with a lot of back end and virtual stuff, and I couldn't be happier to have her be part of the team! She's been such a big help this week!!

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