May Favorites

May has felt like the second-longest month yet (after March). It feels like it went on forever, but that is not a bad thing! It's one of my favorite months (biased because it's my birthday month) but I'm surprised it's finally coming to an end lol. It's been long, but there have been some great things I've fallen for along the way. You can check them all out below:

LL Bean Bag -- I got a new Boat and Tote bag for my birthday in this perfect Nantucket red color (pictured here, color mineral red, medium with regular handles). I have to tell you, I love these bags. I have the XL and I use it for anything and everything -- travel, groceries, laundry, as an overnight bag, storage ... you name it! I asked for a smaller one for my needlepoint items and it's perfect. Thinking of needlepointing something on the front of it!!

Monogram Bag (pictured above) -- This is totally an unnecessary purchase seeing as how I haven't reached for a bag in months, but every time I look at it I fall back in love. It's such a beautiful purse and one I hope to have for years to come. I'm really excited about the future of wearing it. I wanted to mention it as it was a present to myself for my b-day, and I'm really happy with the purchase. 

Madewell Denim -- I know, I know, when will I stop talking about these jeans? Maybe never. But as the weather has started to warm up and my love for PJs has started to dwindle, I've been trying to be cute in my white denim jeans. Come summer and warm weather I live in white denim, and these have quickly moved to the top of my list.

Tommy John Loungewear -- I have been living in TJ this month!! This was a new-to-me brand and I worked with them on testing and promoting some loungewear. It's all I seem to wear right now. In the past, I haven't been the biggest PJ person, but now I won't wear anything else to bed. My go-to for sleep has been the short sleeve PJ top and bottom. For lounging, the joggers and THE BEST, softest, most cozy white t-shirt

Unsure if my code still works but you can always try "ROBERTSON30" for 30% off!

Dermaflash Pore Extractor -- This was a last-minute splurge right before the Sephora Sale ended and I have been loving it. I try hard to avoid picking at my face and acne, and since I'm not getting monthly facials, my blackheads and clogged pores have started to get bad! This has helped tremendously with areas around my nose and chin. 

Tula Undereye Balm -- I can now see why everyone raves about this! I have been using it every day since I got it, and it's the most fun undereye balm for a bright awake look. It's super cooling and has a highlight effect so that it helps brighten the overall appearance of your undereye! You can use code "KRISTAROBERTSON" for 15% off.

Ordinary Peeling Solution -- I was a little wary that this would be too harsh on my skin, but it turns out that it's actually pretty great. I don't use it more than once every two weeks, but every time I do my skin looks SO GOOD. It's really tempting to do it more but I don't want to try fate and have my very sensitive skin overreact! 

Needlepoint -- Needlepoint, in general, has been my hobby of choice during quarantine, but even more recently I've been painting my own canvases and having a blast with it. I'm currently filling some pre-orders on a canvas and have been doing that nonstop for the past three weeks. It is so tough and time-consuming, I totally see why canvases are so expensive lol. 

I'm nowhere near a professional but I'm having a really fun time using a more artistic part of my brain. I've always been into painting and creating, but I think I finally found a craft that is a perfect fit for me! I'm also thinking of starting a little needlepoint store (eek! just saying it out loud I get all nervy lol) so if you decide you want to follow and support you can keep up to date here!

Also, if you're a needlepoint painter or know of someone and can share any tips, are looking for some work, or just want to chat about how hard it is lol, please email/DM me!!

Schitt's Creek -- I've been doing a lot of painting (see above) and love to listen to something in the background. I decided to start Schitt's Creek and I AM DYING. I love the show. I cried twice yesterday -- once from laughing and the other from a sentimental moment -- and I can't get enough. I've found it's a very hit or miss show (my mom and Andrew didn't like it!) and it takes a bit to get into, but I wish there were a hundred more seasons to binge!!

Crossrope -- I'm partnering with Crossrope this month and wanted to test it out before committing to a sponsorship. WOW, I love it. It's a weighted jump rope and circuit and partner app, and I'm having the best time with it. Even Andrew (who is technically too tall for my size M ropes) has been using them on my off days and is impressed at how hard and fun it is to do. I think I've been loving it so much because it's different than anything I've tried or have been doing over the past years. It'll really kick your butt!! 

I have a $50 off code (KRISTA50) for the Get Fit bundle if you're interested in buying for yourself. My full review and posts should be coming later this weekend on IG stories if you want to keep an eye out and learn a little bit more.
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