Recent Product Empties

Kind of random, but I've been saving all my recent product empties since my Miami trip in early March and wanted to do a little post on them! I personally love when others share these so I thought you guys might be in the same boat as well!

Neutrogena SPF Sunscreen: I used this when we went to the beach in Miami. I take my sunscreen very seriously and usually try to use something over SPF 50. I happened to have this one on hand and it was TSA approved so I was good to go. I actually much prefer the Beautycounter Mineral Sunscreen over this, but I ran out of that on our honeymoon.

Necessaire Body Lotion: I was sent this as part of a sponsored collaboration a few months back. WOW, this is the best lotion I've ever used. I realize it even more now that it's gone. It does SUCH a good job at drying and not making you feel slippery. It also has no scent which I am a BIG fan of. I have already repurchased a new bottle.

Supergoop Handcream: These have been my saving grace since my hands are dryer than the desert right now. I love all Supergoop, but these maybe some of my favorites. It's really important to protect your hands (and neck) from the sun as they are just as fragile as your face. 

Equilibria Oil: As you can see I've been going through my oil every month. Especially right now, it's been such a huge help in managing stress and helping my anxiety. I love taking them right before bed to help me fall asleep (through my 1,000,000 thoughts) and stay asleep.

Equilibria Relief Cream: Another die-hard favorite of mine. It's just SO GOOD and a little really goes a long way. I'm excited and surprised to see the bottom of this jar lol. I have used these for my period cramps for the last six months and BOY is it a miracle worker.

Zero K Cooling Wipes: Kind of random but I used these all the time after my hot yoga classes. I would wipe down before heading home and not only do they help cool you down, but they also leave you smelling minty and I love it. I stopped using them when I stopped going to yoga, but I found these to be super helpful when traveling somewhere warm and you need to cool down.

Prose Shampoo + Conditioner: I actually didn't finish these at the same time but it worked out that I finished my second bottle of shampoo about a week or two after I finished my first bottle of conditioner! It is still an essential part of my every day (well, like every few days) routine, and a product I cannot live without. I cannot say enough good things about them!

Morccoanoil Oil: So this is actually a sad and funny story (but mainly sad). I've been using Morccoanoil in my hair since high school. Yes, over 12 years and I swear by it. I usually pump two pumps into my hair -- focusing on my ends -- and using whatever is left over to rub into the rest of my hair. I was at the end of a large pump bottle and was so sad until I realized I had a backup one under my sink! So I got the fresh, new bottle out and as I was PUTTING IT AWAY ON THE SHELF it fell and broke and went all over my bathroom floor. I was devastated!!!!! Thankfully I had two mini bottles to help me get through the interim. I poured them both into my old (empty) bottle so I could still use the pump. So that's why there are two mini bottles in this post!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream: Ok this stuff is awesome. I am a big CT fan, and this is a magic worker when it comes to moisturizing the skin! I don't use it every day, but instead as the moisturizer when I put on makeup that day! It's one of the best bases for your skin pre-makeup. 

Tatcha Dewy Skin: And this is a close second! I got this in a points purchase so I wanted to use it after I ran out of my CT cream. It's still very good (much better than the water one).

Beautycounter Boy Brow: This was a long time love of mine. I won't be repurchasing because I love my Glossier one a little bit more, but it is still great and a nice clean makeup option! I felt that it ran out rather quickly. 

Nars Creamy Concealer: Ok, if you're not purchasing mini makeup at Sephora and taking FULL advantage of that, what IS YOU DOIN?! Anytime there is a mini or a sample available I take it. Makeup doesn't stay "good" for that long and unless you're using it every day, you probably won't get to the end before it expires. Mini products are good for this. They're also great for testing out makeup -- getting a trial run in before purchasing the real thing. And it saves you space in your bag! I love getting the Nars concealer in the mini for all the reasons above, and because it's the perfect touch up concealer. I bring it with me everywhere!

Face Reality Facewash: This had been my go-to gentle face wash lately. Between my back-to-back trips to Florida, I ran out. I actually randomly picked up this Kate Somerville Exfolikate cleanser for the time being until I could get a new face wash and ended up loving it! Depending on what my skin needs, I switch between these two. 

REN Glow Toner: I don't even know why I got this. Maybe it was in a points purchase? It was small, but big for a freebie, so I picked it up and ended up LOVING it. I was using the P50W before. I still use that occasionally, but I find myself reaching for this more often. I actually repurchased the big bottle and am making my way through it!

Face Reality Serum: This is the go-to serum that I get from my facialist. It's a mandelic serum that doesn't cause me to break out (a lot of serums sadly do) and I've been using it for the past four years! I have been through many a bottle and this is just another one on the list. 

PranVera Vitamin C: This is actually a product that Bonnie (my facialist) created! It's an amazing Vitamin C serum that doesn't clog your pores. I just got my new bottle today!

Agustus Bader The Rich Cream: This has been a constant in my routine for about six months, but I still can't decide if I like it or not. When I'm extra dry it's a miracle worker in hydrating my skin. But I also think it clogs me some. So I use it about once every other week, or when I really need it. Then I stop or give it a break whenever I see something new pop up. I really like it but it doesn't like me lol.
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