Our Best Picture Movie Challenge

I feel like I've mentioned this on the blog and on IG stories, but I wanted to explain the idea in more detail for those who may want to do their own!
It all started a week or two (or three, who knows anymore) ago when we were trying to figure out what movie to watch. You know, the age-old dilemma of spending 30 minutes looking for a movie you both want to watch to just end up settling with re-runs of a show you've seen a million times.

To get around that, not only have I scoured all the streaming services to find the best movies, but I also started a running list of movies that would randomly be brought up in conversation that Andrew has never seen. When we don't know what to watch, we pick from the list.

Long story short (kind of), Andrew had never seen Cast Away. After being flabbergasted, I (wrongly) made the statement that Tom Hanks won Best Actor and that the movie also won Best Picture. I truly did think that until I actually looked it up. If that didn't win, what did?? Turns out Gladiator won both awards.

And then I fell deep into the rabbit hole of looking up every Best Picture winner. To no one's surprise, there are a lot of amazing movies on this list! We started going through each year, talking about what should have won, what we've seen/haven't seen, and came up with a random -- but fun!! -- plan: watch every Best Picture winner from 1990 through today.

The original plan was to watch starting with Dances With Wolves and go until 2019's Parasite. That's where encountered our first hiccup: what if we've seen it already? Where do we draw the line on what to watch/rewatch?

If you know me, then you know every year (since about 2013) I've made it my mission to see every movie nominated in the major categories (Best Picture, Director, Acting, Screenplay, and Cinematography). As of the past few years, Andrew has also joined in. We have seen a good chunk of recent movies.

Andrew came up with a good solution: we had to have seen them together. So any movie that we've watched together can be marked off the list. Even though we've both seen Forrest Gump, we haven't seen it together and we'll need to rewatch it. But because we watched The Departed last year together, it's checked off. Get it?

The plan was to start with 1990 but this is where things get a *little* complicated hahah. I saw Rain Man won in 1988 and I thought how much fun would it be to see it again. That was only one year away from Driving Miss Daisy, which was on Netflix so that too would be an easy watch. As a result, we moved the marker back to 1988. Then Andrew suggested we do one more year to 1987 so that we could start from his birth year.

And then I done fucked up. I (wrongly) wrote down Platoon as the 1987 winner and didn't realize UNTIL THIS POST when I was making the graphic that it was actually the 1986 winner. The Last Emperor won in 1987 *facepalm*. We were meant to watch Platoon tonight and now I'm all confused. Should we just do all the '80's?? Should we start from Platoon or The Last Emperor? Or Should we just go Rain Man to today?? #HELP

Instead of watching any movie, we watched a few episodes of Ozark until we figure out our next move. In terms of watching movies online, we have Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. We use our parents' account for HBO, Showtime, and Starz. And then there's this cool thing called Tubi. Has anyone ever heard of it? We used it to watch Rain Man. You can stream movies for free, without needing to even sign in. The catch is you have to put up with one minute of commercials every so often but they were painless and short and it was kind of awesome?

So I'll keep you updated on our next move, BUT the questions I have from here are...

1. Where should we start the list?
2. Would anyone be at all interested in a movie review list? I know I did these for the Oscars this past year but I am happy to do more!

P.S.!! Download the image above and save it/print it so you can join our movie challenge!!
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