My Current Skincare Routine (February 2020)

I hosted a little Q&A on Instagram Stories on Monday and ended up getting a ton of questions about my skincare routine. Sadly, it hasn't changed much since my last post in 2017 but I still wanted to share an updated post for those of you who are interested!

(^makeup vs no makeup v)

Skin Type: I would say I have combination skin in the winter and combination/normal for the rest of the year. My cheeks + forehead get really dry but I always produce more oils around my t-zone (and it's where I break out). My skin is also very sensitive and can get red, dry, or breakout very easily!

Acne Type: My breakouts are mainly always on my chin. I will get the occasional spot on my cheek (when stressed) or between my brows. My chin and brows are always cystic acne spots while my cheeks and rest of face are more normal everyday clogged pores. I'll get a cystic spot about once every other month around my jawline/neck

Skin History: As a teen, I had pimples/acne like the rest of us. I would get a lot on my back and a few here and there on my face but it was nothing serious outside of general hormones. I would always get pimples in my t-zone and especially on my chin. I'm not sure if I just didn't recognize it or paid enough attention but my skin was pretty chill throughout college and into my first couple years in the city. But it all turned around when I hit 26.

Looking back I remember it coming on so suddenly and not going away. I was breaking out with these deep hormonal spots on my chin, eyebrows, and cheeks and it just wasn't going away. Previously I was able to just put an ance spot treatment here and there and it would be fine, but this time it was different.

Come to find out, that your skin actually changes in your mid 20's and a lot of people have gone through something similar. I also didn't really have a routine at this time in my life -- I think I was just washing my face when I remembered and maybe putting on a moisturizer? Who knows. 

So I sought help and found Bonnie through a friend. I started going to her once a month (with touchups in between) to help get control of my skin. She started me on a new skincare routine and I've been on it ever since. It has definitely helped a lot but I do still get the occasional hormonal spot -- mainly still on my chin.

Work Done: I get facials once a month and have for the past 2-3 years. I go see Facials by Bonnie and we do the signature facial which includes extractions, a peel and a light therapy mask for healing. I feel like it is important to share this because I'm 1- working with a professional but 2- that I'm not doing it on my own. My skin is manageable with her help and I'm a big supporter of facials. 

Outside of that, there's nothing really else of note. I will dermaplane myself every 6 or so months (where I just "shave" my face and remove all the peach fuzz) as a simple exfoliation for the skin. 

Makeup: Another thing to note is that I don't wear makeup during the week. I say, on average, I'll wear makeup twice a week -- once during the week if I'm shooting and once on the weekend for shoots or going out. Because my skin is very acne-prone, I try and leave it be as much as possible. I want it to breathe whenever it can and I try to do my best to not clog it.


Makeup Remover: Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm -- whenever I'm wearing makeup I always have a two-step routine. In the past, I've done micellar water or a microfiber cloth, but ever since I discovered a cleansing balm, I've been a big fan. I love how easy and gentle it is when removing your makeup and I love that it does a great job of taking it all off!

I started with It Cosmetics blam, then Beautycounter, and now I'm on to Farmacy. They all are great and do a good job. It and BC are a little stiffer to start but I'm not really loyal to any of them. I've been loving my Farmacy one and would probably repurchase but really, any are great. 

Cleanser: Face Reality Ultra Gentle Cleanser / Tula Purifying Face Cleanser -- For the longest time I was using Tula cleanser and it was great and I loved it. I think one day I ran out and switched to Face Reality (which I get from Bonnie) and I just loved how it lathered more than the Tula so I switched and didn't really look back. Both are great options but in general, I just need a super bland face cleanser to clean off the day, any leftover makeup and help fight blemishes and clogged pores going forward.

Toner: Biologique Recherche P50W / Face Reality Moisture Balance Toner -- I switch between these depending on what my skin needs but I mainly have been using the P50W for the past two months. I love how my skin has been reacting to it and I'm excited that my sensitive skin can handle it! I've been wanting to try the famous P50 lotion forever but I always worried it would be too harsh. The P50W is the sensitive version of that! When I'm not using my P50W, I'll use my tried and true Face Reality toner. 

Serum: Face Reality Mandelic Serum / Vitamin C Serum (morning) -- I've been using the FR mandelic serum for forever and it's been great. I started using Bonnies' new Vitamin C serum within the past six months during my morning routine. Both work wonderfully and don't break me out!

Moisturizer Day: Image Prevention + Daily Matte Moisturizer Oil-Free SPF -- this is my tried and true SPF moisturizer. I'm unsure why they label it as matte because it definitely isn't when you put it on, but instead gives a wonderful glow to your skin! You MUST wear SPF every day no matter what and this is one that will not break you out or clog your pores. I know people get scared of heavy sunscreens but this is not it!

Moisturizer Night: Face Reality Clearderma / Augustinus Bader-- In general I will use my Face Reality moisturizer at night. If there are some nights when I'm feeling lazy, I'll skip everything between my cleans and moisturizer and just use the Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream. I love how hydrating it is and how it makes my skin feel. I was using it for a while without any issues and then my skin freaked out (from other things) and I wanted to take a step back. Now I only use it about once every other week when my skin is in need of some extra hydration.  

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