Gift Guide: Splurge-Worthy Items

The last gift guide of the week! I promise to try and get these out earlier next year but WHEW it's over and it sure was fun. I hope they were able to help in some ways with your shopping! Today we're talking about the best gifts over (eek!!) $250...

We all know and love weighted blankets but my biggest thing is that they are not that cute to look at! It's a real issue. Then I saw this... OMG it's amazing and perfect and everything you ever wanted (outside of the price). It's the super cool chunky knit that everyone loves but it's weighted! So you can get your health on while also looking cute!

Welcome to the most extra thing on this list: a watch winder. BUT if you have a nice watch you don't wear all the time, then you need this! For the boujee of the boujee!

This is another ~extra~ gift but it's fun! A little smoking box for your drinks (or whatever else). It's for the bartender extraordinaire in the house!

We LOVE our Dyson (I mean who doesn't) and its worth every penny. This is a great gift to ask (or give!) your parents. Welcome to adulthood. 

Like I mentioned in the gifts for guys, everyone I know raves about Yeti and this is their most popular cooler as it's massive!!

A splurge that is truly worth it. I've had this curler for close to 7 years now (before it was ~kewl~) and it's still going strong. Not only is it really pretty but it does a great job without frying your hair!! I'm a big supporter and lover of T3 products. 

Literally, everyone in my entire family has an Apple watch. It's a great tech gift and once you own it, you'll understand the hype!!

The most expensive "dirty" sneaker around. I never understood these but I finally caved once I found a pair on sale. They are very comfortable and I love wearing them (as they go with everything). Are they worth $500? Probably not but if you're looking to drop some cash, then yes! My tip is to buy them second hand.

UGH could I love anything more expensive?? I am truly sorry I bought this because I use it and its amazing but its SO MUCH MONEY. And won't go on sale anywhere. If you have the money to spend, get it (screw those sneakers!!) as its life-changing. 

My trainer turned me on to this and it's basically a massage device for your mucsels that is strong and deep! It'll beat you up but feel sooo good after. My mom told me she also uses it at physical therapy and my sister asked for one for Christmas!

Ah, why do I love only really expensive things?? My maestra bag goes everywhere with me as it's the perfect bag for work, travel and the city! It can be carried as a purse or backpack and it's revolutionary! You can see my full review on it (and the other two sizes offered) HERE

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